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那是一段夏日午後的記憶, 陽光灑落、蟬鳴唧唧,所有的時間彷彿 都停留在阿嬤手中的一針一線當中,並輕織起她的人生故事,在旁靜靜 地聆聽,就會覺得很安心。現在夜深人靜時,特別容易憶起與阿嬤相處 的時光,她縫補的不僅是我的小衣服,而是用一針一線教會我對生活的 無畏和夢想的堅持。她演繹了那個時代女性的優雅,也深深的把這份復 古典雅的精神交付到我的手中。AISH秉持著這份美好,讓服裝有了溫度, 也將故事繼續編織下去...



That was the afternoon of that summer in my memory, the sun was shining and the cicadas chirped

, All the time seems to stay in the needle and thread in Grandma's hand, and weave up his life story. It will be very reassuring to listen quietly beside her. Now when the night is quiet, it is especially easy to remember the time I spent with Grandma. What she sews is not only my little clothes, but teach me the fearlessness of life and the persistence of dreams by one stitch and one thread.

She interpreted the elegance of women of that era, and deeply delivered this retro and elegant spirit to my hands.

AISH upholds this beauty, let the clothing have a temperature, and let the story continue to weave...