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AISH 2022 衣織間

AW22 講述傳承的故事,如何把祖先留下的智慧,那些即將遺失的美好,轉化為手掌的紋路,透過藝術的呈現讓大家可以重新認識織紋所象徵的意義,進而了解惜物、傳承的意義。本季設計師將針織混搭設計,也在過往的系列中尋找靈感,將標誌性的西裝外套拆解 再融合回收舊牛仔衣褲一針一線,運用廢棄面料實現永續 ,賦予不同回收織品嶄新生命。實現萬物和諧共存的美學理念,回歸本質,自然而然就是最好。


The theme of AW22 is legacy, which is a story of how to transform the wisdom which we inherited from ancestors, and those vanishing beauties into the new crafts of our own. People are able to have a new appreciation of the symbolized meaning of texture, and have a further understanding of the significance of cherishment and legacy. The designer of the brand blends knitting into design, and searches for inspirations from the previous collections. What the brand does is to deconstruct the signature blazer, and combine with recycled jeans wear; fully utilizes waste materials to realize sustainability. All these different handmade recycled knitting works have a total transformation. The brand would like to carry out the aesthetic idea of everything coexisting harmoniously, and expressing its nature. We strongly believe that nature and origin are best for all the human beings.